ADI Union – History & Updates

July 6th, 2020

During the Covid 19 pandemic the RSA continued to ignore ADIs and showing no respect for us as partners in road safety. We recieved no communication from them as to their thoughts on various forms of PPE. Their reply in basic terms wes, you don’t work for us.

Many ADIs had enough. Ian Daly set up a WhatsApp group and a Facebook group to see if we could unite some how. There was some talk of a federation, that developed into talk of a union. Laura Broxson hosted a Zoom meeting with Unite, as they were showing interest in helping us. Dominic Brophy and Paul Murphy gathered Ian, Laura and myself, Darragh Dunne to form a five person steering committee.

Our initial objective was to encourage ADIs from all over Ireland to join together. We required a minimum of fifty members to form a branch within Unite. Although there are delays in voting in an elected committee because of the difficulties in having physical meetings with restrictions on social gatherings and online meetings not being within the constitution of the union, it is our intention to transition to an elected committee while maintaining progress towards our other objectives.

We must get the appropriate respect from the RSA and functional communication


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