Is it worth learning to drive manual?

April 15th, 2020

Short answer:



Longer answer:

While the time for automatics is coming, it’s not here yet. You do have to consider how new or old a car you are buying.

In the past automatics were more expensive to buy, to run, to repair and lost their value faster. Although they have improved massively in recent years, some of that is still true. Is your first car likely to be one of these older cars, probably.

Lets say you can get something a little newer. Then your problem becomes, finding the automatic. Different countries have different preferences for cars. Ireland has always preferred manual. So oldish automatics are harder to find.

Lets say you can afford to buy a nice new electric or hybrid as your first car. What happens in those occasional situations when you need to drive a different car: Renting a car on holiday. You get a loan car while your’s is being serviced or repaired. You need to drive a friends car when they can’t. In these situations you will not be legally allowed to drive the manual if you you just passed your test in an automatic. Where as if you pass your test in a manual you are allowed to drive both manual and automatic.

However, if you are really struggling to drive manual, having given it a fair chance with a good instructor, there does come a time when you may need to accept that automatic is the only option.

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